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Sat, Apr 9, 2011
Hot Hot Hot April...

What a scorcher! In the last week the gardens we have been working in have been thrown into Spring with full force. Everything is growing like mad, my own matriarch Magnolia has bloomed, have attached a photo to this blog entry - if anybody can identify it then please tell me, we are currently refering to her as the old lady or the matriarch, which may well stick even when we do know the latin!

The salad seedlings in the polytunnel are huge and I have had to start hardening them off with avengence so i can get them planted out where they can grow on. One of my kind clients has given me her cold frame (in exchange for 6 of the finest eggs my hens can lay) so it is full to the brim in a sheltered spot, if this weather continues then i will get them out into the gardens the week after next. The tomato seedlings have all been potted on and have moved from the dining table to the polytunnel for now, some will stay and grow on in there, the others are all for outside so will need to go through the hardening off process themselves at the end of the month.

You may have noticed in your own garden that the weed seedlings are all on their way up, now is the time to hand weed out the biggies, if you get on top of them now then they will give up once summer is here proper. Once you have weeded, and ideally after some rain, then cover your borders with a thick mulch - garden compost is ideal. This will conserve water and prevent the weed seedlings still remaining from germinating. This is the perfect opportunity to improve growing conditions for the season ahead - it may seem like summer is here, but for the plants there is an awful long way to go yet so give them a good start now.

Well me and the team are off to Hampshire this coming week to work on a new pub refurbishment project. It is a beautiful setting on a mill pond and we have bags and bags of space in which to plant. We are on a traditional cottage theme again, and will be constructing a herb garden in a cartwheel shape this time using bricks. Photos will go on when we are back.

In addition we are working on a number of new designs with private clients at the moment, covering traditional as well as Japanese style and a woodland garden so we are having a great time working with all these different plants - very happy days!

Happy gardening!

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Magnolia flower


  • Noo
    10 April 2011, 19:29 PM
    Would love to see some later pics of your last big planting. Good luck with the new work this week. Buy a new hat !!
  • ste the gardener
    11 April 2011, 16:56 PM
    hey tj. i see you have plenty on at the moment,its the busiest time of year for us gardeners. thats why im off to mauritius for 10 days, hurrah. got gareth and your mum looking after allthe seedlings in the greenhouse while im away. afraid to say i lost 6 trays of bedding seedlings this week,scorched to a crisp in the hot weather in greenhouse at home, doh! looking forward to seeing pics of millpond job. all the best ste

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