HGandG Blog - Outside and Inside Planting and a New Baby!

Outside and Inside Planting and a New Baby!
Wed, Apr 11, 2012
Well, that short burst of warmth seems to have calmed down and we're back to the weather we expect for April, which means, its the perfect time to sow.

Outside on our veg patches we've got our potatoes and onion sets in, as well as early peas, beans and in sheltered spots salad crops. The warm weather we had for a couple of weeks was perfect to heat the soil up and gave us perfect conditions for sowing - but, its good to hold on before sowing everything as the recent cold nights that we've had will slow up germination on some seeds. The next couple of weeks though should see you putting your first sowings in of most vegetable seeds.

The recent rain will have boosted weed growth so keep on top of emerging seedlings before they establish - if you're visiting your veg plot once a week and the weather continues to be sunshine and showers, then you'll find the weeds quickly outgrow your veg sowings, so get them out when you see them.

Inside the polytunnel we have everything else on the go - annual flower seeds, tomato and chilli seeds, summer begonias, gladioli, etc etc. These will be brought on in the shelter of the tunnel until they can go outside during May. Today, I've potted on my first tomato sowings, which were sown on 17th February. I've got 4 varieties this year, and have gone for a blight-resistant variety too, although germination has been poor on this one so I will sow again - should still have plenty of time.

Elsewhere in our gardens we are giving our lawns a feed during this wet weather and reviewing border planting, looking for improvements and splitting perennials. This is a lovely time to be in your garden and watching everything come to life in the spring sunshine.

We also have a new addition to our team - Neil has become a father again today so we are sending out big congratulations to him and his wife on the arrival of their second son!


NB - If you're mowing your lawn, then keep it on a medium setting - it will cope better if we have dry weather again, staying green for longer.
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Annual flower seeds germinating in the polytunnel, April 2012


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