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Seeds, bean poles, tete-a-tete blooms
Sat, Feb 26, 2011
Today is officially the first day in 2011 that I have ripped open a seed packet and sown...

Yes, the date will go down in the diary (along with the dates I keep for the first and last day that i have put washing outside on the line, am hoping that in generations to come one of my descendants will find this interesting!).
Excitment levels were high as this year they are in the polytunnel and not on every window sill and available surface in the house - although my Italian tomatoes from Franchi Seeds are being lovingly mothered in the comfort of the home as they are fussy but most definitely worth it for the wondrous smell, texture and taste of these beauties.

The seed potatoes arrived earlier in the week so these are now chitting ready for planting at the end of March once our heavy clay soils have warmed up a bit. This year I have 7 varieties so if I run your veg patch then be warned - potatoes are definitely on the menu! I have managed to get some heritage varieties this year so am hoping to get a good yield and distinctive spud tastes.

National Beanpole Week is during 23rd April - 1st May so I will keep you posted on activities closer to the time. I am a big supporter of natural beanpoles for use in the garden - hazel and willow structures give a wonderful organic feel to your garden and look so natural. We are lucky enough to have a local craftsman who works in this medium and I love to see the technique in action and bring his products to my client's gardens.

The Home Grown & Gorgeous team will all be onsite as of Monday for a week - i have looked at the weather forecast and it is promising - yippee! We are working at the Horse & Groom pub at Hare Hatch doing the planting scheme before the pub reopens after its refurbishment on the 8th March. If you are passing then please bring us some doughnuts... I am trying to fathom out timelapse photography in time for Monday so that we can live stream the action to the website, but its not looking good.... might be an 11th hour job.

And finally... my tete-a-tete daffs are out - i love them, a sure sign that Spring is on the way, I must plant more in the Autumn as they are a real cheer-me-up post Winter.

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  • Sam
    26 February 2011, 22:1 PM
    Loving the blog. Hope all goes well at the Horse and Groom, will endeavour to pass your way at some point with doughnuts or similar :)
  • Mary
    26 February 2011, 22:26 PM
    Really looking forward to following your planting tips Teej. Us older gardeners need all the help we can get. Your enthusiasm is infectious !

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