Kitchen and Cutting Garden Services

With the continuing growth in demand for local produce and interest in grow your own we offer a unique kitchen garden service. Our desire is to develop a fully productive garden in which you can positively interact, experience the beauty of harvesting your own and be proud that your food has travelled ‘zero food miles’.

Gardening Services

Almost every client we work with employs us to maintain their garden on a regular basis. This is a fact that we are highly proud of. We assume it is because we are great people who know their stuff!

Garden Styling

Often a garden requires a reshuffle, a tweak, a face-lift - basically new eyes on an old look. We relish the opportunity to work on re-styling, it excites us to find out your ideas and develop them into a design utilising our extensive plant knowledge.

Commercial Gardening Services

The outside space of a commercial establishment offers the opportunity for a business to sell to its clients. Whether this is a public house/restaurant or office premises a well-maintained and inspirational display will attract and impress.


Planted containers are a super quick way of updating your garden to reflect the season and your mood! We treat each container as a mini-garden which can be moved to wherever you choose, colour-themed, style specific and generally fabulous.