Garden Styling

Often a garden requires a reshuffle, a tweak, a face-lift - basically new eyes on an old look. We relish the opportunity to work on re-styling, it excites us to find out your ideas and develop them into a design utilising our extensive plant knowledge.
There is huge anticipation on the client’s behalf when making changes and we actively encourage involvement, if you desire, whether that be sourcing the finishing touches (sculpture, furniture, pots etc) or putting in plants.


When you approach us, or we highlight an area in your garden which could be rejuvenated with a new planting scheme, we give you access to a personal mini-site within the client area of our website. In this area we record our full working progress – from the initial discussion of your expectations to the ideas we suggest, to the planting plans, to the visuals.
We work on a plan and go through the ideas with you – access in the client area allows you to go back as many times as you like to review what we have come up with, and most importantly feedback directly.

Areas that typically need improvement include:

  • Front gardens
  • Mature borders
  • Terrace/Patio planting
  • Problem areas: dry shade, waters edge etc
  • Bog garden
  • Year-round containers
  • Spring bulb displays
  • Extending the seasons
Once we have worked on a design we keep going! We prepare the area, source and buy the plants, and actually bring the whole thing together.