Kitchen and Cutting Gardens

Kitchen garden services 
With the continuing growth in demand for local produce and interest in grow your own we offer a unique kitchen garden service.  Our desire is to develop a fully productive garden in which you can positively interact, experience the beauty of harvesting your own and be proud that your food has travelled ‘zero food miles’.
A kitchen garden is a truly atmospheric part of your living space, it offers the most wonderful opportunity to relax and what better excuse for escape is there than claiming to be tending your veg!
A cutting garden is a traditional partner to the vegetable garden. A beautifully designed and well thought out arrangement of bulbs, annuals, biennials and perennials provides a constant supply of cut flowers for the house and has the added benefit of attracting insects to improve pollination within the vegetable patch.
Our kitchen gardens range from the enormous to the petite; you do not need a field-sized garden, we can achieve an impressive output from a handful of containers.

In brief we adhere to the following:
  • Contemporary and traditional planting designs
  • Utilising many Victorian and organic methodologies
  • Herb gardening
  • Permanent plantings of fruit bushes and trees
  • Heritage varieties
  • Year round salad leaves
  • Multiple varieties of each vegetable and repeat sowings to extend the season
  • Ground preparation and improvements

Our ethos with the kitchen gardening service is to provide all of this for a cost that is comparative with a weekly vegetable box delivery scheme.