Gardening Services

Almost every client we work with employs us to maintain their garden on a regular basis. This is a fact that we are highly proud of. We assume it is because we are great people who know their stuff!

Our service is tailored according to each individual garden. We are in tune with the needs and demands placed on your garden and have the expertise to make it feel and look loved. To achieve a high standard of work we have close relationships with well-respected nurserymen and women to provide you with the most wonderful plants.

Typically we get involved in:

  • Lawn maintenance: mowing, feeding, troubleshooting
  • Bulb planting: borders, naturalised in grass, pots
  • Autumn cut-back
  • Dividing perennials
  • Mulching and soil improvement
  • Regular and timely pruning of your garden’s framework structure
  • Seasonal planting designs for pots and hanging baskets
  • Re-jigging of borders
  • Offering planting advice
  • Tree planting
  • Dealing with pests and diseases
  • And anything else.....!
We charge a highly competitive set hourly rate for our time. We are conscious of the potential spiralling costs of a garden and work to minimise these. For those of you who champion seed saving there is good news – it is something that we are actively involved in.