HGandG Blog - New Website Launch - Hooray!

New Website Launch - Hooray!
Thu, Feb 17, 2011
We have a warm feeling inside....our website is now launched and it is gorgeous! We were aiming for an inspirational site that makes the visitor appreciate our approach to gardens and we are pretty sure we have got it! Hooray!!

The website is fresh and uplifting and utilises loads of our favourite photos we have taken. You can find out what services we offer and get a feel for how much a knowledge for plants is central to our work.

There is a 'Meet the team' area where you can see us, if you wish!

The website will evolve over the seasons, we will add new photos, show our planting plans, add in lots of before and after pics and generally continue to advertise our skill.

So, please come on the journey with us, subscribe to our blog, follow us on twitter, recommend us to your friends, pick up the phone to us, and ideally, get us to come and show some love to your garden.

Roll on the Spring!

New Website Launch - Hooray! - Click to make an enquiry


  • Woody
    16 February 2011, 12:53 PM
    Love the site Teej - though I may be a bit biased!
    Look forward to seeing some of your new pictures as your business grows... Grows... geddit? ..... *sigh*
  • Nellie
    16 February 2011, 16:14 PM
    Teej my dear - very proud of you and Woods :-) Looks great. You should franchise - plenty of interest in Norfolk I reckon....
  • Joy
    17 February 2011, 17:17 PM
    What a fantastic service you offer. Love the pics. Do you do pet sitting too?

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