HGandG Blog - Its May already! And I missed National Beanpole Week!!!

Its May already! And I missed National Beanpole Week!!!
Mon, May 2, 2011
We have had a busy few weeks having completed the most recent pub refurbishment in Hampshire and planning for our next one in Essex...

Yes, Essex, miles away! We are off to the Old Windmill in South Hanningfield in 2 weeks time, but more on that another time. But for now I am feeling rather embarassed for banging on about National Beanpole Week coming to Caversham and encouraging you all to go and then not going myself. In my defence I was catching up on clients rather than lounging around in my own garden. I did hear it was a fabulous event however, the weather was gorgeous and the setting beautiful so hopefully there were lots of visitors.

On a non-gardening note, we have acquired 4 new additions to our egg-laying flock. They are 5 weeks old and named William, Kate, Harry and Pippa in honour of Friday's celebrations - however due to the fact that they are totally identical they are collectively known as The Royals. They are a huge hit with our children, probably due to their size which means they are not tall enough to steal biscuits from small hands - something that the other hens are particularly adept at.

My own garden is going through its 'no flowers in the garden' phase which happens at this time every year and at which point every year I promise to ensure more continuity next time. Once the bulbs are over I find myself patiently waiting for the roses and flowering perennials. The one thing in flower (an old shrub rose at the back which smells wonderful) is permanently hidden behind a string of washing on the line...

And so to The Mill House in Hampshire which we have finished our planting work at and is now open. I have attached some pics to this blog - before and after type. We created some beautiful planted barrels this time, although still working with the spring flowers, our next one in Essex will fall at just the right time for using the huge range of summer flowering plants that are available so that is something to look forward to.

I have updated photos of the Horse and Groom planting to put onto here but will do that next time. But for now I have added a sneaky pic of some foliage planting we did for another client.

Enjoy your garden, pray for rain!

Its May already! And I missed National Beanpole Week!!! - Click to make an enquiry
New barrel planting


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