HGandG Blog - Just a quickie re Monty Don

Just a quickie re Monty Don
Sun, Sep 18, 2011
Yes, I know this is the second entry this week, however....

I hear it on good faith, that Monty Don writes a column in the Weekend magazine, and yesterdays subject was Fennel and why you should have it in your garden. Well, we are clearly ahead of the fashion here, as my blog entry back in July was entitiled Fabulous Fennel and I was similarly singing its praises! I know that you now feel like you should read it again, so go ahead!

While I'm here, I want to suggest two more wonderful choices for your garden at this time of year: Sedum and Rudbeckia. The clump of bright yellow Rudbeckia in my garden is fresh and vibrant and really lifting the border where the Achillea has now gone over and the Echinacea following suit. Sedum is one of my absolute favourites, the leaf shape is unique, it catches the water droplets beautifully and the mop heads of pink flowers are just in bloom. Both these perennials will keep on shining until late in the year.

I wonder if Monty will mention these soon!

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