HGandG Blog - Hurrah! Ripening tomatoes and chillies

Hurrah! Ripening tomatoes and chillies
Fri, Oct 7, 2011
Pray thanks to the Indian Summer Sun God....

Yes, hurrah and thank goodness, this last burst of beautiful warm sunshine, that reminds you why its wonderful to live in the UK, has worked its gold on our tomatoes and chillies and we have not only a bumper crop but a ripe one at that!

A few weeks ago I informed you of our blight which had affected our tomato plants. We salvaged as many green tomatoes as possible and i lay them out on the staging in the polytunnel. They have all ripened beautifully which is a real bonus when you first get blight and look at the sorry state of your plant. But you MUST work quickly to remove the green fruit otherwise that will also be infected.
In addition, we have had the best chilli harvest that I can remember and its all down to these last few days of warmth. Chillies need a good long season to set fruit and ripen, as do peppers, and often we don't get that in the UK especially if August is poor. But its worth sticking with it because the quality of your home grown chillies is superb. We have some real monsters this year - my delight in this has confirmed that they will definitely be on the seed shopping list again for 2012.

Welcome to any new followers who may have found us through our recent advertising in the Caversham edition of Round & About magazine, we hope you enjoy our company, please also follow us on Twitter at @hgandg.

Right, I'm off to swot up (not swat...) on beekeeping - I had my first lesson this week with a local beekeeper which was great, really can't wait to get my own.

Oh yes, Apple Day this Sunday (9th October) at Cross Lanes Fruit Farm, Mapledurham. 10-5. Very informative and there's a conker challenge! See you there.

Hurrah! Ripening tomatoes and chillies - Click to make an enquiry
Ripening tomatoes, October 2012


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