HGandG Blog - We`re back! Is Spring here??

We`re back! Is Spring here??
Fri, Feb 24, 2012
Yes, its been a while, but we're back and digging again...

Although we haven't actually been anywhere.

It feels like its been a long old winter but with this mild weather Spring is definitely in the air.

So what have we been up to? Well, we've started on a few new vegetable gardens over the Winter, and seeing as the frosts didn't really kick in until late in the season we had the chance to work well into January doing prep work, spreading manure, planting fruit bushes etc.

We've been keeping all our client's gardens clear, clean, neat and tidy and we're now planning for the year ahead. At this stage I start to look at lawns, its a good time of year to see what condition your lawn is in and plan for the end of next month - will you need to do some patching up with grass seed, redefine border edges, consider preparing and sowing a wildflower lawn etc. I've really enjoyed the Sarah Raven Bees, Butterflies and Blooms series on BBC 2 over the last few weeks - we have a wildflower patch in our garden, its small (about 2m x 4m), but is totally abuzz(!) during the summer. We're looking at as many clients as possible at the moment who could benefit and support a wildflower patch.

Over the coming weeks we are busy basically! With the change in weather people are venturing back out into their gardens and planning, so our phones start to ring. We have enjoyed real success in our fledgling business over the last year and with the new calls that we have had recently and our advertising plans (see us in the March and April issues of Round & About, Caversham issue) it looks like we are in for a great 3rd year. We are really chuffed!
To cope with the increased demand we have a new face on the team, Neil, who some of you may meet in your gardens.

I'm now back off to seed sowing - half hardy annuals and our tomato/chilli seeds are on the go and I'm on germination watch! Dont forget you can follow us on Twitter - @hgandg. We follow lots of gardening gurus and will retweet interesting tweets with useful info on for you.

Happy Springtime!


We`re back! Is Spring here?? - Click to make an enquiry
The first 3 to germinate! Marigolds - sown on Wednesday, germinated Friday


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