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Seed Sowing Success
Wed, May 30, 2012
Well, it didn't look promising back in February when I opened the packet...

But, I'm really chuffed with the outcome from the summer plants that we have grown from seed this year. Even the unbelievably miniscule lobelia seeds have gradually made it into viable, flowering plants. There was a period of about 6 weeks when I lost faith that they would be ready for the end of May plant out, but the results are great. I have to admit to usually buying in plug plants, but threw myself in the deep end this year and grew everything from seed in the polytunnel. So thats what we do from now on, we grow from seed, I urge you to do the same!

We had a well-deserved day trip to the Chelsea Flower Show last week and immersed ourselves in the beauty of the planting. But it really was just the one day off because we have been flat out with work from old and new clients over the last few weeks, some pictures of which are attached here. We've had lots more requests for traditional cottage style planting this year, but have also had a contemporary container planting project and a foliage-heavy scheme for a shady garden which gives us a refreshing change and gives me the opportunity to wander around the nursery for hours on end!

Looks like we are in for a good bit of rain, which is well needed now that the soil is dry again - the vegetable patches will really flourish if we get a wet spell, but so will the slugs and snails so we are at the ready with as many solutions as we can find for the problem.

Happy gardening

Seed Sowing Success - Click to make an enquiry
Trough (handmade by Neil) and planting


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