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Winter Prep for the Garden
Wed, Nov 14, 2012
We're pruning like mad and getting plenty of tulip bulbs in - November and this weather in particular is perfect for planting tulip bulbs. We have had a few spells of cold weather and the ground has lost its summer warmth, so tulips are safe now to be planted and still delay growth until next year - if you plant them earlier when the soil is still warm it makes them think its Spring and they start growing and then get all damaged when the cold weather comes.

In addition to this we are madly planting our very late crocus bulbs (although we have no idea what the Winter weather will be like, if its cold then these crocus will have as much chance as any other) and also the remaining daffs and odds and sods we've still got. I have planted a flamboyant geometric designed bed with Fritillaria, Tulips, Daffs and Hyacinth so will now have to wait for 5mths to see if it has worked - it could look great if they all come up, if they don't all come up then I'm saying nothing! I'll keep you posted!

Other than that we have finished all our lawn care - scarifying, dealing with compaction, winter feed etc and the last mowings are complete. We are still regularly raking up leaves and bagging them for leaf mould although we leave the borders with a few leaves as it protects delicate plants and upcoming bulb shoots in particularly cold weather.

Pruning is still on the cards - I particularly need to tackle my own garden which has not had a brutal cutback for 4yrs and desperately needs it. We have dealt with several unruly Philadelphus over the last few weeks - there is real satisfaction in pruing and re-shaping during the Winter, its probably the growing pile of dead wood and sticky bits that is most appealing!

We're also tying in climbers and cutting back as necessary to ensure stability during windy wintery weather. Its a good time to do this as you can see the structure of the climber much better when its leaves have fallen, and the screwing in and tying up keeps you warm! Along with sweeping, raking, digging over your veg patch etc etc. Funny how the jobs that need doing in the Winter are all the jobs that warm you up!

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Autumn scene, Caversham


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