HGandG Blog - Winter is upon us

Winter is upon us
Mon, Dec 31, 2012
Although as i write this its relatively mild which of course means its also pouring with rain and blowing a gale. Nothing like the cold frosty weather of a few weeks ago.

So, although I have made the executive decision to have Christmas “off” for the first year ever based on the fact that we’ve worked really hard this year and the business has grown brilliantly so we deserve a break I am still writing the blog.

Prior to our festive hiatus, we were, believe it or not, weeding! The mild wet weather had caused a flurry of activity in the beds and borders so it was back on the hands and knees and thoroughly weeding. Its worth doing now as when Spring comes there are so many other jobs to do that the weeds take hold quickly and then you panic. But, you must be careful with bulbs, many of which will have started to poke through or at least send out a tender little shoot which are easily damaged by the over-zealous weeding gardener. Borders look great for the tidying and roughing up of the soil though so its worth taking the time to do it.
We’re also getting manure down again and will continue to do so in January. This year we are not double-digging so its a spread on the top job and leave it to the worms and the frost which no doubt will arrive over the coming weeks. Our manure source is great black, gooey, juicy, worm-ridden and a surprisingly satisfying job shovelling it into bags! Definitely keeps you warm on a cold clear day.

On top of all this we’ve been apple tree pruning and I’ve been particularly selective in only taking branches which will look nice sprayed silver for my indoor Christmas display! Pruning of apples and roses etc can be done throughout the dormant season in Winter, so we will continue to do this over the next month or so.

2013 is a few hours away, its been a successful year for Home Grown & Gorgeous, I’m proud of the hard work we have put in and delighted with our growing reputation in the local area.

Happy New Year!
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