HGandG Blog - It felt a tiny bit like Spring yesterday

It felt a tiny bit like Spring yesterday
Mon, Jan 28, 2013
It felt a tiny bit like Spring yesterday, its not, i know, but its nice to imagine it.

And so to embrace the feeling we dug out an old border in my own garden, yes, my own!!, and cleared it ready to be a vegetable patch. I have had a vegetable patch before but it had to make way for a polytunnel and a chicken run and the bee hive, so for the last 3yrs we've been without, but 2013 we're back!

I have grand plans for the miniscule 6 square metre plot, obviously there will have to be a lot of upright growing with gorgeous plant supports and the planting will be compact to say the least, but we all can't wait. I'm currently wondering whether to edge the bed with hazel or bricks or hoops or similar, but with space at a premium i may have to resist the urge to glamorise it.

In other news, i've managed to bag my first choice seed potatoes this year which is a vast improvement on last year when my tardy lateness left me with a standard choice. This year i've gone heritage too, so we'll see how we get on with those. The snow over the last couple of weeks has caused a significant pause in work, but I was back to it on Saturday last and it turned out to be perfect weather for redefining the edge between lawn and paving - a satisfying job with a great end result. Its good to do these jobs during a mild winter day as we seldom get chance once Spring has arrived.

And so to the coming weeks: my To Do list covers cleaning the outside of the polytunnel, more manuring, final apple prunings and preparation for seed sowing which will start, under protection, next month. According to my Twitter account it was 345 days ago that i sowed my 2012 chili pepper seeds so the time is nigh!

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Apple tree prunings


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