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Little rays of sunshine
Mon, Feb 25, 2013
Well Winter is certainly turning out to be a long and drawn out affair. After last weeks 3 days of sunshine where we all became giddy with excitement we seem to be back in the depths of the dull and freezing February day. But do not fear! There's always some sunshine on the cards when it comes to gardening!

And that sunshine for me is seed sowing. There can be no greater joy than fresh seed compost with a sprinkling of little seeds thrown on top, a splash of water and a whole load of anticipation. I usually start mine on the dining room table - its cold and bright in there and is perfect to encourage growth. After a couple of weeks (and when its warmed up a little), I move them up to the polytunnel and start potting on. I love the smell of soil warming in the sunshine and the polytunnel is one of my favourite places in the spring - out of the chill of the wind and basking in the warmth of a few rays of sunshine.

But before then i must clean the outside - i’ve been putting it off but it’s now urgent. I also like to have a sort out of pots and seed trays etc at this time of year. I accumulate so many throughout the year that its a very necessary job to create some space.

And another little bit of sunshine on the cards is the planning of vegetable patches for the year ahead . See there’s sunshine all around if you just look for it!

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