HGandG Blog - A fond farewell to one of the team

A fond farewell to one of the team
Sun, Mar 24, 2013
Yes it is with sadness that we say a goodbye to Hannah who has been a key worker over the last 18 months and has been a credit to the business.

Hannah developed a close relationship with many of our clients and all are sad to see her go, but she has taken a new position which suits where she lives (she was completing a fair old commute to get to us) and the future looks rosy for her!

So as one leaves its inevitable that one arrives and we have a new member of the team joining us after Easter which we're really excited about.

In other news - well, quite frankly, not a lot due to the age-old problem of the weather! The hold will break at some point and we are all poised to pounce! In the meantime we've started sowing seeds (under cover) to transplant outside when the warmer weather arrives. Seed potatoes are still patiently chitting and the traditional Good Friday planting looks very unlikely...

In a months time it will be a different story and the blog will be filled with design jobs and vegetables and annual flowers etc etc, but for now its back to the dreaming, the reminiscing, the hoping, the praying.....

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