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Projects galore
Thu, May 2, 2013
Yes its well and truly Spring and we're in the thick of it!

Which is a good thing. Thank goodness we're no longer talking about the long and drawn out Winter...

So we're mowing, weeding, planting, designing, sowing and generally sunning ourselves, which is exactly how we like it. Along with getting back to all of our clients on a weekly basis we're working with some new faces on garden styling projects - one a week for the last 3wks and 2 more to do. I really enjoy working on creating a new look using plants and shapes within an existing space - every project has a different requirement and so the planting is unique to each client. I spent an entire day at my chosen and fabulous nursery selecting plants last week and it was delightful - there are few parts of the job more fulfilling and exciting than this. I will update the portfolio page once this mad stage is over with and hopefully be able to follow up in a years time.

Its also full steam ahead for the vegetable patches - with a slow start to sowing we're now getting as much in as we can and we've started treating all our kitchen gardens with Nemaslug - very big fingers crossed! Maincrop potatoes are going in this week and french and runner beans, squashes etc are all coming along nicely in the polytunnel ready for planting out at the end of this month.

I've got my biggest year for pub window boxes and baskets this year - over 50 to plant up! Wow! So time will be taken up with that in a few weeks, another little treat!

At home, the veggie patch is a little neglected, but i have mown and raked the lawn for the first time this year and have had it treated with a weedkiller and a feed so its looking semi-attractive out there. Its a great time of year to be turfing and sowing new lawns - of which we have so far done 3 - a bit more rain at night would be nice (dare i say it?!) to keep everything well nurtured. But i don't want to tempt fate...

Enjoy the Spring!

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