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Fantastic Veggies
Mon, Jun 24, 2013
Its turning into a great year for the humble vegetable.

Yes, after last year's boil then soak weather conditions which did the germination of vegetable seeds no favours at all, followed by the onslaught of slugs and snails, this year is looking like a good 'un!

We have persevered with slug and snail control - egg shells, Nemaslug treatments, beer traps - and sown seed using a specialist growing medium to encourage germination and it seems to have worked! Hurrah!

The vegetable/kitchen garden is a wonderful addition to your outdoor space not only providing delicious produce but also a stylish and ever-changing feature. We have been working on unique ways in which to display our peas and beans which is now becoming an inter-team obsession!

If you are growing your own vegetables this year then continue to succession sow and don't be too guided by what the seed packet says - give it a go anyway.

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